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About Us

Hemptons is a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements, plant-based foods and natural personal care.

We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been operational since 2002.

Some Hemptons’ brands :

  • Noomi
  • My’Licious
  • Raw Octane
  • Sasāra
  • Bien Aimee

We do not have a Retail Outlet as we wholesale our products – and have an online presence via a direct and separate wholesale store. If you wish to stock our products or if you would like to find out where to purchase our products, please contact the Agent listed in your area (see Distribution).

Our Face and Body Care products are formulated as naturally and eco-friendly as possible e.g. where possible, we use only natural, organic or Ecocert Certified raw materials and all of these materials are selected only because they are either bio-degradable, responsibly sourced, replenishable (derived from plant-based, renewable sources) and where possible, sourced in South Africa – reducing their carbon footprint.

There are ingredients that you will never find in Hemptons' products. Things like petrolatum, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, phatelets, silicones, etc. Rather than overloading our products with harsh chemicals or unnecessary fillers, we offer you only natural oils, butters, essential oils - the real stuff, that is good for you .. and the earth.

Yes, they may be a bit more expensive than the mass-produced products found in most supermarkets, but when you use our products you know you are using a genuinely safe product for both you and the environment.

A few of our products use beeswax as an ingredient .. and for that we thank them – but, that is the extent of our animal based ingredients - and none of our products are ever tested on animals (only willing guinea pigs .. such as friends and family)!

We do not sell, Hemp Seed for agricultural purposes, clothing, papers, fabrics, yarns, rope etc.

Please however, have a look around our on-line Shop to see which amazing products we do stock.

We stock hemp foods and nutritional oils as well as a wide range of gluten-free flours, plant-based protein powders, vegetable powder and fruit powders.