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We offer a sophisticated new form of crowdfunding Powered By Go Fish Crowdfunding, called "Customer Crowdfunding," allows you to crowdfund directly into multiple revenue generating high-growth eCommerce sites at once. It provides the same 50x to 100x return goal as compared to Equity Crowdfunding, but the return can start immediately vs. Equity Crowdfunding, which may only start to pay after several years (if it pays at all). Our way is faster less risky , and pays more  for a longer term . The ROI can reach 100x annually.

Customer  Crowdfunding allows you to crowdfund directly into an established, high-growth eCommerce site's operational advertising budget to own revenue rights to the customers (ongoing cash producing assets). Each customer (asset) could be acquired for as low as $1.00 And Then Return Up To $75 profit per year. eCommerce is an $861 Billion industry, and it's poised to grow a great deal over the next 20 years. 


Recent Results:

We are truthfully very proud that the system works very well, and we have so many improvements planned. Some crowdfunders have signed up Customer Assets for just a couple dollars, which then immediately upon signup, purchased big ticket orders such as pro fishing reels for $280.00 yielding $84 in profit to the crowdfunder = a 42x return in just a couple hours.


System Overview:

After You Signup via Our One Step Quick Signup, You Can View Choose From A Menu Of Multiple eCommerce Sites To Build Your Cash-Producing-Asset-Portfolio of Customers (Assets).

  • We Don't Ask For A Credit Card At Signup. 
  • You Get An Admin Panel To See Your Customer Asset Portfolio, Your Balance, And The Simple Instructions.
  • Withdraw Your Funds At Any Time After Sales Occur.
  • No Setup Needed At All. You Just Select Which eCommerce Sites You Wish To Crowdfund.
  • You Do Not Communicate With The Customers At All; You Only Acquire Them As Assets; The eCommerce Sites Handle All Customer Service, Shipping, And Returns. 


How The System Works:
  • To Signup Customers (Cash Producing Assets), Just Select "Add To Portfolio" For Each eCommerce Site You Wish To Crowdfund.
  • When A Visitor Lands On The eCommerce Site That You Are Crowdfunding, That Visitor Is Assigned To You.
  • When They Sign Up As A Customer, They Become Your Asset And You Will See Their Name In Your Admin Panel.
  • Every Time Your Customer Assets Make A Purchase You Get 15% to 50% of The Revenue. It's That Simple.
  • The Customers Do Not Know Who You Are.
  • You Can Build A Large, Long Term, High ROI Cash Producing Asset Portfolio With This System


Crowdfunder Menu Screenshot:

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Painting The Clear Picture Of The eCommerce Market & What It Means:

  • 80% of eCommerce site's revenue will come from 20% of their repeat customers
  • Only 17% of consumers browse with intent to purchase on their first visit
  • One in 51 [1.96%]website visitors buy something on their first visit
  • Example: If a Crowdfunder crowdfunds a site and 1 in 51 visitors make a purchase, if each visitor costs $.50, then 51 x $.50 = $25.50 crowdfunded is the min amount needed for the best chance to acquire 1 paying customer. If the product is Comp/Electronics, and the Avg order is $197 and margin is 30%, then Crowdfunder profit is $59.10 - $25.50 = $33.60 [132% ROI] + the remaining lifetime purchases/value of the customer.
Google Return On Ad Spend          
Vertical   Avg. Order CTR CVR ROAS
Toys/Hobbies   $79 1.42% 2.81% 10.25
Comp/Electronics   $197 0.73% 1.72% 10.13
Automotive   $222 1.55% 0.99% 8.34
House/Home   $205 1.03% 2.87% 6.79
Sporting Goods   $112 1.29% 2.71% 6.07
Food/Drug   $52 1.32% 2.61% 4.77
Apparel/Accessories   $88 1.30% 2.28% 4.27
Mass Merchant   $58 1.31% 4.65% 4.14
Office Supplies   $104 0.87% 3.23% 3.6
Health/Beauty   $61 1.03% 10% 3.53
Jewelry   $200 0.90% 0.75% 2.97
Pet Care   $21 1.34% 3.81% 1.25
Source: Sidecar 2020 Benchmarks report

This means that customers sign up and then wait to be engaged by the eCommerce site...

  • 20% of Online Shoppers shop at least once a week, 75% once a month
  • 20% of eCommerce site's revenue will come directly from email promotions
  • Over half of consumers research major purchases online before buying & 43% of shoppers research products online via social networks
  • In 2021, nearly 70% of online shoppers typically read between one and six customer reviews before making a purchasing decision

What Customers Want...

  • 70% of Consumers shop local small business websites, 57% buy to keep money in their communities
  • Free delivery is the leading incentive to drive purchases online & High shipping costs are the #1 reason for cart abandonment
  • 64% believe that the quality of customer experience provided by a brand is more important than price
  • 87% of younger consumers want financing options for online purchases

Researchers predict that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040

...this means that customers signup, a few purchase at signup, but most wait to be engaged by the eCommerce site & do some research, and then over time 20% become 80% of the repeat revenue generators.

This means you should signup customers like you are planting a garden...plant the seeds and wait for them to grow into a large garden. Some will sprout up right away, many will grow into little strawberries, and some will grow into huge watermelons. The bottom line is that you (the crowdfunder) get the revenue share of the customer's LTV [Lifetime Value = Sum of all purchases that customers will make their entire lifetime]. You and the eCommerce site become partners, where they build a good site that produces an ROI, and you finance the advertising that acquires the customers which plants the seeds for the garden, then you both can watch and benefit from the garden as it bears fruit for a long time. A long-term portfolio of cash producing assets..