Debunking The Protein Myth!

 from an article by Wade McNutt
Hemp protein contains all the essential amino acids that your body cannot produce and the precise ratio that your body recognizes and utilizes fully. Hemp protein also contains a good portion of insoluble fiber which acts as a gentle scrubber for cleaning the intestinal tract to make sure nutrient absorption is not compromised by plaque buildup. The result of switching to hemp protein is you get more protein absorbed as well as nutrients, vitamins and minerals with fewer calories eaten.
The Ph balance or acid alkaline ratio is another aspect of eating live proteins that allows your body to stay detoxified as well as more anabolic. Unfortunately, most man made proteins are extraordinary acidic leading to acidic Ph, which leads to intestinal toxemia. Not only that, these undigested proteins end up as all sorts of toxins in your body that can cause all kinds of disease and neurological malfunction. So, to keep it simple the more alkaline you are the more anabolic your body becomes. So, when selecting a hemp protein, here are some points to consider:
Hemp protein also contains a very special group of amino acids called Edestin protein. Edestin is converted into enzymes which makes your body allow you to digest the protein that you eat without using precious metabolic enzymes. High quality hemp protein has up to six strains of naturally occurring probiotics which also act to maintain positive intestinal charge as well as digest food and which helps to put your Ph to a more alkaline state.

  1. Is it organic? Organic products are far superior to inorganic because no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers were used in any part of the processing or growing.
  2. Uses a “friction only” processing. No chemical additives or not heat treating to damage those amino acid structures that are very delicate inside of a live food.
  3. It is milled below 120 degrees? Heat denatures Enzymes. Without Enzymes you cannot absorb nutrients. Without Enzymes you cannot absorb vitamins, minerals or your proteins.
  4. Is the oxidation of the seeds less than 2 percent which is below the industry standards? Actually, the lower the better. The very best when proteins have an oxidation rate of 1 percent or less. Look for it in the product you select.
  5. Is the protein stored in a cool facility away from oxygen? Oxidization is a big enemy to live protein as it takes away the electrical availability of the protein. Storing Hemp in a cool place is important in maintaining the integrity of the amino acid structure.
  6. Is it a pharmaceutical grade industry processing? Most supplement companies use low tech or bare minimum aspects to produce the product that they make. With pharmaceutical grade you ensure that the cleaning before and after and during the facility usage is at its highest standard ensuring that absolutely no impurities end up in the final product. Very few companies actually deliver on this but you demand the best for your body.
One more thing to consider, when using a hemp protein – its effect on the body is significantly different than amino acids, isolates or meat products. Most people require at least one to two months to fully adjust to the positive effects of hemp protein. Once a person has adapted to it they will see how powerful this muscle building, fat burning product actually is and you will kiss your whey protein goodbye forever. The next time you are going to the store to pick up some protein, select a high quality hemp protein. Stay with it for just a while and you will see the dramatic improvements in your physique.
Wade McNutt is a Natural National Bodybuilding Champion and an IFBB Mr. Universe World Champion. He combined the secrets of Eastern Yoga Masters with scientific, muscle building to produce a revolutionary new health system, called Freaky Big Naturally, find out more at

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