Hulled Hemp Seed .. little known facts

hempnut_thRaw hemp seeds provides great energy, permits weight control without hunger, reduces cravings for inappropriate foods and promotes extensive health benefits, Realize that it’s just that easy to BECOME your own health authority, the benefits instantly eliminates any need to be a “food fanatic”, it’s a no brainer for what’s in store for you by simply adding these powerful little seeds to your daily regime. Consume the essential nutrients each morning when your body needs “fuel”; Reduce your daily consumption of non-essential sugars, saturated fats and carbohydrates.
Blend Hemp Seeds into your morning protein shakes for an extra boost of energy, protein, essential fats and antioxidants!
A must have in any gym bag!
Add it to your favorite yogurt, or soups to give your meal a boost of Omega & Aminos!
Take your hemp seeds with you when you eat out in restaurants. Simply sprinkle generous amounts of hemp seeds over your meal to quickly enhance the nutritional value of the meal … even in the restaurant.
Take a small zip lock or spice jar filled with hemp seeds, next time you have a craving or hunger pang at your desk… grab it kinda of snack, really good for brain function, stabilizing blood sugar, and energy.
If you are making yourself a wrap or pita, lettuce wrap… don’t forget to add your hemp seeds before you close it up.
Make Hemp milk, super easy check out our recipe section… then make your favorite milkshake using your hemp milk, ice cream or yogurt, a cup of your favorite fresh (or frozen berries) 2 oz. of hemp seeds and blend. Add ice if desired before blending.
Mix it in with your vegan patties for extra protein & fats to make it more complete as a non-meat delicious hemp burger patties.
Add the hemp seeds to your favorite soups, chilli or stir fry!
No matter how you use them, hemp seeds are a quick and convenient way to add flavor and instant nutritional value to most anything ..  so go ahead… time to make Hulled Hemp Seeds part of your daily regime!!

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on Hulled Hemp Seed .. little known facts