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Zucchini-Lemon Overnight Oats

Zucchini-Lemon Overnight Oats

Servings : 2

Although I love dessert-type of brekkies and snacks, these Zucchini-lemon overnight oats are more of the refreshing and very wholesome kind with no added sugars and therefore not at all dessert-like. Grated zucchini gives a lovely fresh consistency, lemon adds a touch of zing and this is all balanced with some full fat coconut milk and plant-based yogurt

Refreshing and with just the right balance of zing and creaminess, these zucchini-lemon overnight oats are easy to prepare for a wholesome breakfast or snack. 


About 140 G Zucchini Grated

1 Overripe Banana

1 Cup Gluten-Free Rolled Oats

1 Cup Full-Fat Coconut Milk

1/3 Cup Plant-Based Yogurt

2 Tablespoons Lemon Juice

Lemon Zest from 1 organically grown Lemon

2 Tablespoons Shelled Hemp Seeds

1 1/2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds

1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder

Black Pepper

Pinch of Salt

To serve: Berries, yogurt and additional sweetener such as maple syrup or raw honey


Grate zucchini and squeeze out the extra liquid.

Mash the banana with a fork.

Mix all the overnight oats ingredients together with a spoon.

Put into a glass container with a lid and put in the fridge overnight.

The following day: enjoy the oats with berries and sweetener of choice & more yogurt if you want to.

Posted by Hemptons