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Chocolate Hemp Power Protein Bites

Chocolate Hemp Power Protein Bites

Servings : 8 Bars

Creamy, textured and loaded with energy-boosting nutrients, these chocolatey energy snacks are just what you need to keep things going when you experience an energy slump in the afternoon.


1 1/2 Cup Cashew Nuts – soaked overnight

1/4 Cup Almond Flakes

1/4 Cup Traditional Oats

1/4 Cup Desiccated Coconut Flakes

1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon Almond Butter

2 Teaspoons Tahini

1 Tablespoon Hemptons Shelled Hemp Seed

2 Teaspoons raw Honey

A Pinch Sea Salt

1 Cup Chocolate Chips


Add the cashews, almond flakes, oats, shelled hemp seeds and coconut flakes into a food processor and mix to obtain a thick crumble.

Add the almond butter, tahini, honey nectar and coconut oil and pulse to obtain a sticky mixture.

Line a square pan with waxed paper and evenly spread the mixture inside to form a 1/2 inch layer.

Sprinkle with the shelled hemp seeds, then press with your fingers to stick them to the mixture.

Cover with plastic foil and freeze for at least one hour.

Melt the chocolate chips into a small sauce pan over low heat and set aside to cool.

Remove from the freezer, cut into equal bars and dip them into melted chocolate (it will set instantly).

Serve immediately or keep in an airtight container in the fridge.

Posted by Hemptons