Cassava Flour - 1 Kg


Cassava or Manioc is good as a gluten-free flour to make flatbreads, cookies and brownies

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Cassava or Manioc is a staple in parts of South America, Asia and Africa, it’s a starchy tuber (similar to yams or potatoes).

Cassava Flour is not the same as Tapioca Flour – Tapioca is made from only the starch that is extracted from the root of the plant, whereas Cassava Flour is the whole root, peeled, dried and ground.

That means that it has more fibre than tapioca, but it’s still extremely high in carbohydrates.

So a no no, if you’re Banting or following a very strict low carb and low sugar diet. Cassava Flour is a good Gluten-Free flour that can be used in baking Flat-breads, Brownies and Cookies.

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