Mocha Java Body Scrub – 200 ml


A coffee scrub to helps to fight cellulite and discover a dimple free you

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Cellulite is that unsightly dimpling of the skin that most women experience to one degree or another mainly in the hip and thigh and upper arm regions as they get older. It is rarely seen in men and appears to have a hormonal component. Some women have a genetic predisposition to it as well.

In order to understand the value of coffee as a cellulite remedy, it is helpful to understand that cellulite has more to do with your skin than fat, which is why many women who are at a healthy weight still have cellulite. Cellulite is caused by a breakdown in the collagen fibres that connect the skin and the layer of fat beneath it. When these become weak, the taught skin that once made the fat invisible can no longer do so. So treating the skin with cellulite coffee treatments and other remedies can do as much as diet and exercise.

Every effort should be made to maintain a healthy body weight and fat to muscle ratio. But this alone will not eliminate cellulite. Treating the area of skin where the cellulite appears can be a helpful addition to your cellulite fighting regimen.

Topically applied caffeine works by pulling the fluids out of the spaces between fat cells, thus diminishing the appearance of cellulite. There is also some evidence that it has a positive effect on the fat cells themselves therefore reducing the appearance of cellulite, improving circulation, as well as improving skin tone, smoothness and firmness.

We have therefore worked at creating the yummiest caffeine fix for the body – it smells like a rich cup of Java with a hint of Chocolate! Indulgence that helps fight the bulge instead of adding to it!

The combination of ground Coffee with Brown Sugar, mixed in Hemp and Cocoa Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils give you your own Spa cellulite treatment at home.

This is a thick scrub that needs to be warmed slightly between hands before being applied to all areas needing assistance a revving up of circulation like tops of arms, tummy area and tops of thighs and bum.

The coffee in this scrub promotes extra circulation to problem area.

Use generously on thighs, upper arms, back, hip and tummy.

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