Shower Gel – White Magnolia – 300 ml – 12 Per Box


A natural Magnolia shower gel not containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphates

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This delicately scented, rich shower gel contains Magnolia Flower Oil, an extremely delicate, sweet fragrance reminiscent of rose, violet and orange.

There is nothing better than an invigorating shower or bath to wake you up in the morning or get you ready for bed at night. But, unless you’re lucky, most routines are likely to be rushed and rather lacking in indulgence. One of the best ways to add a bit of luxury back is to find a body wash that really “does it for you”.

This natural shower gel has a lasting moisturising effect, as Hemp proteins form a protective film on the skin, maintaining its natural moisture level. Formulated with mild, plant-based, biodegradable soaping agents, this natural body wash will gently cleanse without irritating, drying or damaging the skin or the environment as it does not contain any silicones, synthetic thickeners and colourants.

Layer the fragrance and continue the pamper by slathering yourself in Noomi White Magnolia Butter after your wash.

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