Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

This gluten-free treat uses three alternative flours, some special flavours and a long resting time to create the perfect bite.
Buckwheat flour is a nutritional powerhouse: high in fibre and minerals, it’s known for its cardiovascular benefits. Meanwhile, glutinous rice flour acts as a milky, starchy binder and almond flour helps to create a rich, nutty, plush chew. The barely detectable pinch of lavender works together with bright citrus and smoky coffee to balance out the earthiness of the gluten-free flours, and a touch of milk powder completes the flavour package.
A couple of tips for gluten-free baking: use a scale whenever possible and win the waiting game. If you don’t own a scale, avoid over-packing your measuring cups: just a little bit of extra flour can make the cookie too dry and crumbly. It’s also essential to allow this dough to rest fully in order for the flours to hydrate and the flavours to mingle. Your patience will be rewarded!

Soft Sugar Cookies (paleo, grain-free, refined sugar-free)

These cookies are a little different from the standard sugar cookie, of course, seeing as they’re made with coconut palm sugar instead of refined white sugar.
They bake up the colour of light brown sugar and have a bit of a caramel-like flavour, which though different, is really yummy.

Quinoa Dried Fig Dark Chocolate Nut Free Granola Bars

Chewy, slightly crunchy, gluten free & packed with fruit, nutritious seeds and whole grains — these nut free granola bars are about to become your (or your little one’s) favourite snack.
These truly are superfood bars — with pumpkin, shelled hemp and sunflower seeds, flax, chia, quinoa and oats! It’s the perfect energy bar!
The bars are soft and chewy with a little hint of crunch from the quinoa & seeds.
This recipe is allergy friendly — just make sure you are using gluten free oats and vegan chocolate if you are making it for someone with an allergy.
These bars are basically no bake! All you have to do is toast the quinoa, oats & seeds.
Superfood nut free granola bars made with toasted quinoa, oats, dried figs, sunflower seeds, shelled hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed and chia! A drizzle of dark chocolate on top makes them extra special.

Spiced Chocolate Buckwheat Granola

I decided to add some raw cacao to the mix today for a delicious chocolate hit. You only need 1/4 cup to coat everything and make it taste chocolaty.
Buckwheat is naturally gluten free and these crunchy groats make the perfect base for granola. Plus I’ve added in lots of healthy extras; chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, toasted coconut flakes and crunchy almonds. The lovely warming spices – all spice, ginger and cinnamon adds a delicious seasonal twist.
This delicious granola would be amazing with some coconut yogurt or sprinkled on top of muesli or porridge.

Christmas Peppermint Chocolate ‘Fudge’

A Christmas inspired sweet treat. However, rather than dairy and corn syrup, this fudge relies on a creamy, rich Shelled Hemp Seed butter to bring the decadence.
With all that rich decadence, the Shelled Hemp Seed also provide a surprisingly large serving of plant based protein – you get an ample sized and properly balanced serving of Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids. Per 30 gram serving of Hemptons Shelled Hemp Seed, (approx. 2 heaping tablespoons) you get 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of Omega 3 & 6s.

Christmas Granola

This granola is made for anyone who made the “Nice” list this year. Simply bake granola and divide into mason jars. Tie a recipe to each jar and share with friends who have been on their best behaviour.

Chickpea Omelet

Say hello to your new favourite classic breakfast recipe. This ridiculously easy vegan omelet! The chickpea flour omelet batter comes together in a blender in less than 5 minutes, and they only take a few minutes to cook for a quick, customizable, egg-free breakfast.

Regular omelets are so easy to make – just crack a few eggs, whisk and cook. Some vegan omelet recipes, however, can be a bit more time consuming and require 15+ ingredients.

This recipe is just as quick and easy as the real thing. Although it doesn’t taste exactly like eggs (not an easy feat!), it makes for a delicious vegan breakfast.

Mocha Java Buckwheat Pudding

If you’ve never tried buckwheat pudding, then you are missing out big time!. It’s super thick and delicious! It is a nutritious way to start the day .. or end the day as a pudding.

You soak the buckwheat overnight so when it’s time to blend, it turns into a silky, smooth gooey consistency. A consistency that goes perfectly well with chocolate. To make this buckwheat pudding more interesting, I decided to add in some instant espresso powder. After all it is for breakfast, and if you are going to have a caffeine boost, then it’s best to have it earlier in the day so it doesn’t affect the quality of your sleep at night.