Thrive On Your Own Terms as an Athlete

When you take 20 athletes of equal ability and give half of them mental training, those with mental training will consistently out-perform the others. Some people may be more talented than others, but if you don’t apply yourself and take responsibility for your own progress, you may fail or give up because you just don’t enjoy what you’re doing.
Empower yourself to take control of your mind, overcome fear and doubt and realize your true potential.
There are parts of your training that you are bound not to love. Rather than gruelling through a painful session, change your perspective to thrive on your own terms as an athlete.
Make it more enjoyable – add music, chose nice areas to train in so, if you’re on a run, stop, look around, admire the view.
Alternate the exercise you do enjoy with those you don’t enjoy as much. You can gain aerobic exercise in a number of ways, so if you don’t really like running, take a spinning class or cycle outdoors. If you don’t enjoy the treadmill mix treadmill days with the elliptical trainer or row.
When you feel you have a say in what you do, you have better emotional buy-in and will be more inclined to stick with it. If you try and force yourself to stick with a plan that you really don’t enjoy, how likely are you to stay with it?
Don’t make training even harder than it is. The goal is to get fit .. but, also to enjoy the process.

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