Why Choose Healthy, Natural Protein Powders?

Your body’s PH level has a tremendous affect on overall health and wellness. Unfortunately the average person is deep in an acidic nightmare that is destroying their health – and although it is made to sound like it’s an issue of eating less calories, boosting metabolism, bad genes or other “illnesses” we may be plagued with, the truth is it’s mostly due to what we eat!
The culprits are overly processed foods, added sugars, trans fats, denatured and chemical laden foods that are consumed too frequently. The liver and other organs can’t clear out the waste as quickly as we are bringing it in. Follow – excess weight, water retention and a body that doesn’t seem to be working quite the way it should?
In addition to added chemicals, sugars and trans fats most of these denatured foods have been processed at high temperatures which kills the enzyme functions and good bacteria found in raw, living foods. Further making it challenging for us to digest and assimilate.
The end result is that most of these overly processed foods and protein powders are deposited in your intestinal tract…never again to see the light of day and stuck in your several meters of intestinal track indefinitely – creating toxins .. and gas.
The moral of the story? Eat good, natural, healthy foods.
Don’t be drawn in by exciting advertising for magical protein powder full of empty promises and full of chemicals, flavourants and colourants. Read the labels carefully and understand what you are putting in your body. In the end you are the only one who really cares if what you are eating is good for you or otherwise.

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on Why Choose Healthy, Natural Protein Powders?